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We appreciate your interest in Church of God the Bibleway. Whether you are seeking a church home or just coming for a special occasion, we welcome you and hope you have a great time!

Clayton A. Cowart 

General Overseer

Pastor Clayton A. Cowart began ministry at the age of 5. Apostle has served as the Presider of the Churches Of God The Bibleway for over 21 years. Throughout his tenure as Presiding Apostle, the church has grown from one local organization to over 114 locations. He is the founder of Bibleway Royal Christian Academy and Apostolic Bible College. He hold a doctorate in Divinity & Religions. He is the husband of one wife, First Lady Lisa Y. Cowart, and has three children: Deddrick, Claytavia, and Clayeisha.


We believe that God is the Father, Almighty Maker of heaven and earth. We believe he came in the form of man with the name of Jesus, We believe that he was crucified on Calvary's Cross, and gave up the Holy Ghost, that we might be filled with the Holy Ghost. We believe that there is only God and any other way is contrary to God's word. We believe in the baptism in Jesus' name. We believe in forgiveness of sin, resurrection of body, life everlasting with one God. We believe in communion with saints and washing feet. We are the Apostolic Church of God the Bibleway, where Jesus Christ is Lord.


Ira J. McCloud 

Presiding Bishop


Bishop Ira J. McCloud serves as the Presiding Bishop to the Apostolic Assemblage "Jesus Christ Church of God the Bibleway". With more than 30 years in ministry, he continues to pave the way in establishing churches all over the world. With humble beginnings in Sebring, Fl, Bishop McCloud has amplified his office as a Bishop by expanding to  Lakeland, FL and several locations in Alabama, including more to come. Even parting ways with American soil, he has traveled internationally preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Due to his unmatched devoutness to God and His people, Bishop McCloud was recognized by the president and received an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, from St. Thomas Christian University. Pastor McCloud's devotion to outreach and transforming peoples lives, through the gospel, leaves his work to be truly in the category of the incalculable.Bishop Ira J. McCloud and his wife, First Lady Pirieta McCloud, have fourteen children: Yolonda, Shambria, Liddiane, Tabitha, Isaac, Rachael, Joshua, Joanna, Leah, Samuel, Samantha, Priscilla, Michael, and Amy Wearing.


Bishop Adrian M. Shaw, Jr was baptized in Jesus' name on June 19, 1985. His first office in the Apostolic church was that of a deacon. He served the Lord in this capacity foe 8 years until the Lord began calling him into the ministry. He attended and graduated from Dillard University in 1985. He has been pastoring a growing church under a new name of Jesus Saves Thru Faith, Apostolic Church Of God The Bibleway. Bishop Shaw was promoted to District Elder of the West Coast District. He was ordained Bishop in November 2004. He is married to First Lady Christine Shaw, and has six children: Calvin, Kelvin, Chrystal, Chelsea, Charelle, and Chantel.


Adrian M. Shaw, Jr.

Senior Bishop


Jonathan M. Brookshire



Bishop Jonathan M. Brookshire and his wife, First Lady Marilyn Brookshire, have five children: Crystal, Angela, Johnathan, Jr. (deceased), Sharmicee, and Shauntisha.


Bishop Kevin D. Williams, Sr. and his wife, First Lady Casey Williams, have three children.


Kevin D. Williams Sr.



Church of God the Bibleway is a church that is led by the Spirit of God and not by programs and religious traditions. From our liberating worship that frees people to move into the presence of God to our engaging, relevant preaching that transforms lives – Church of God the Bibleway is truly exceptional place.

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