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Alicia Bowles

If you are looking for God this is the place you will find him.... if you need deliverance, any type of healing (whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally) you can experience that here. This church will change your life around completely! It is led by God and under the leadership of a true Apostle... amazing place to praise and worship the only living God and experience him like never before...

Darius Turner

Sign and Wonders being done a place where miracles happen and the word of God is brought forth by a servant of Jesus Christ and an Apostle Pastor C.A Cowart

Maurice Weems

Great experience I can't wait to get back

Benny Bap

Love, Holy Ghost , A true Apostle is at this House

Jessie Francois

Best church in Polk County

Lillian Camille

The right place to experience God

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